The aroma takes over the house, promptly at 7:30 every morning. Just a whiff of the boiling pot of milk coupled with the piquant confluence of cardamom, ginger and cloves triggers every cell of my body. The right concoction of leaves, spices and milk yields one of my husband’s best creations - Chai! Where I... Continue Reading →

KonMari – A Purge Therapy?

The KonMari method did allude to the fact that a good cleansing therapy would put to rest, existing clutter in our surroundings and mind - but, does it really?

The Sanjay Subrahmanyan Phenomenon

What a treat for the Bay Area music community to witness such an able team of musicians! The ever so energetic Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sanjay Subrahmanyan along with Shri Varadarajan Santhanam on the violin and Shri Neyveli Venkatesh on the mridangam left me in a musical hangover post-concert. Let me paint you a little picture. To begin... Continue Reading →

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