A weekend in Phoenix, Az – Part 2

DAY 2 The sun was not very liberal today but we still began our touristing at 10 am. We arrived at a location called the Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights. By the sound of its name, I expected to see a huge palace but this turned out to be a humble edifice. Tovrea Cottage would... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Phoenix, Az – Part 1

The pilot extended a warm welcome to the land of the deserts with a lovely 75 F hug. I was ever so thankful to have sidestepped the bomb cyclones hovering over the east coasts and to be spending the weekend in the southwestern state of Arizona.

How I got My Southwest Companion Pass

By March of 2018, I had in my Rapid Rewards portal, a total of 120,000 points. Cha-ching! Southwest sent me an email asking me to nominate my companion and sent me the pass by mail. This pass was valid for me from the beginning of 2018 until the end of 2019.

A tourist at home

It’s been several years since I left the country, but it is still the only place that feels like home. The tiny squiggle at the crown of the Indonesian archipelago is a modest representation of the vast heritage and culture this country upholds. Singapore - the tropical island which provides an experience that is nothing... Continue Reading →

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